Don’t Be Scared to Switch

Often switching majors is so frowned upon.  You loose class credits a majority of the time and you can’t exactly get your money back.

But if you don’t switch to something you love your going to dread the rest of your life.   A majority of students start college around 18 or 19 years old.  Are you really suppose to know 100% the exact right major for you?  Not to mention you could know what you want to do but find a better road to get to the destination.

At first I was honestly kind of ashamed to tell people I switched my major.  I felt like I was letting them down somehow.  Even though my end game is the same but situations change.  I changed into a major that fills me with overwhelming waves of peace and comfort.

Sure I did not go from theatre to pre-med (not that there is anything wrong with that big of a change).  I changed my major from Dance Education to Elementary and Special Education with a Minor in Dance Education.

I did not make a drastic change but it was big enough for me to feel uncomfortable when people asked me about dancing and I had to tell them I switched to something I was more comfortable with.  The reasons you change are yours to know.  Never let anyone make you feel bad for doing the better thing for yourself.

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