I jumped out of a Plane

I jumped out of a Plane

For those of you who do not know me let me start by saying I am deathly afraid of heights.  I mean to the point I have been scared hiking because I felt too high, or when I was younger I was scared of being too tall because I hate heights.

In 2018 I decided to shake it up a little and instead of creating a New Years Resolution I made a 2018 Bucket list.  Stuff that I wanted to complete this year without making excuses.  It has everything from eating alone in public to reading 12 novels to jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane.

Well on March 18th at 11 AM in Oceanside California , my adventure partner (Enrico Sanchez) and I did it.  We put on our gear and relied on a piece of fabric to keep us in the air.  And I honestly cannot put it into words.  This was the most freeing experience of my life.  The entire way up I was scared out of my mind.  My palms felt like I just washed my hands and I could not even think about the fact I was optionally doing this.

As everyone was singing “We gotta fight, for our right, to SKYDIVE!” I was telling Rico I couldn’t do it.  And then I remembered why I choose to do this.  I never want to live my life in fear.  Because then I will never truly live.  So my instructor moved us to the sitting on the edge of the plane.  My heart was going so fast I just wanted to be done with it.  Then the most magical thing happened.

I was flying! This level of peace and comfort is indescribable.  I was 13,000 feet in the air looking at the ocean and how big and wonderful the world is.  And even though I was scared it was crazy to look around and be reminded of how we need to always live our lives to the fullest.

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