Learned my lesson…

Learned my lesson…

Well as some of you know I am taking my passion for fitness and the joy I have had from bettering myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to the next level.  I have began training for a Bikini Body Building Competition.  I began this journey in late March.  I found what I thought to be a reliable coach and set the goal of competing late September.

I learned my lesson quick he cut my calories to 800 for the each day for over three weeks.  I was working out 6 days a week, running 6 days a week and barely fueling my body.  Keep in mind I was 20 weeks out when this began.

Now yes you should be in a calorie deficit to loose weight but I was pushing my body to extremes, and risking my health in the process.

After days of breaking down, calling my coach (without any response) I decided I would begin to do more research and reach out to other coaches.  The more I learned the more I became aware of how much damage I was doing to my body.

I found a team of coaches that I trust completely with my health.  They are always there for me, I meet once a week for a killer workout with one of my coaches and twice a month with the other.  We are constantly updating my diet to whats best for me.

I am currently on a reverse diet which means we are slowly increasing my calories and macros.  I am currently eating 1,500 calories a day (which I eat in about 4 meals a day).

I have gained weight since switching coaches.  My body went through shock of having cold sweats, wearing sweatshirts in 100 degree heat to sweating uncontrollably because I trusted someone who did not have my best interests in mind.

I am happy to be doing this the right way and getting my body back to wear it needs to be and looking forward to competing even though I had to push back my competition date to ensure my health.

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