Yes, I’m aware of the salary.

Yes, I’m aware of the salary.

For those of you who somehow do not know, I am a Elementary and Special Education major.  What that means is my dream is to be a teacher.  With all my heart I want to work with children and more particularly special needs children.   Now I’m not positive what that looks like yet but it can be anything from public/charter/private school.  High-school or elementary!  My options are open, and I love it.

Now, lets go over the responses I get when I share what my career goals are….

“Wow, get use to being broke.”

“Eesh, do you know what the salary is?”

“You definitely aren’t doing it for the money.”

“How will you support your family?”

“God, I could never do that.”

“Thank you, for caring for my kids.”


Now not all of those are negative.  And I truly appreciate when people thank me because it is not an easy job.  Not everyone will do it.  Am I choosing the most glamorous career?  NO!  But without teachers there would never be surgeons, lawyers, politicians, and so on.  I did not choose to be a teacher so that I could make more money, I choose it so I can make a difference.  So I can stand up for the children.  So before you decide to remind me or another education professional that we will never make money, remember we choose to care for the next generation, the salary just came with it.

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  1. You will be greatly rewarded by the children and parents you work with. Special needs kids are challenging but so much fun. You will never be short on memories. God has given you this gift so glad you are going to use it.

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