An Open Letter to Myself V.2

An Open Letter to Myself      V.2

Dear Paige,

Wow.  You are doing amazing sweetie!  You have changed so much.  A year ago you would not step foot into a gym by yourself.  Today you go to the gym almost everyday by yourself.  You have lost weight, you have transformed yourself.  You no longer are forcing that smile.  It’s coming naturally.

Keep working hard.  I know you still fear others opinions.  I know you still get insecure.  Just know you have gotten this far and you will keep going.   Don’t stop believing in yourself.  You are going to kill this competition in a few weeks.  No matter if you win or loose, you already won by changing yourself.

Now lets work on being more easy going.  Don’t stress out over every penny.  Value memories more than money.  They won’t burry you with your money but they can’t take your memories.  So keep it up.  Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind.  You have some good thoughts so let more people know.  Don’t back down so much.  Stand up for what you believe in.

Most importantly be happy Paige.  Keep laughing. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others.  Just laugh.  Read for fun.  Don’t forget how happy the gym makes you.  Keep a positive relationship with food.  Food is absolutely a friend.

Keep moving forward.  Keep striving for the things that make you the happiest.  I know somedays it can still be hard.  Not everything is always easy.  You know that.   Achieve everything you want.  Don’t limit yourself by thinking you aren’t capable of that.  You are capable of more than you know.

I would have never believed you would be doing this good a year ago.  So how will you surprise me next?



September 12th, 2018

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