The Biggest Transformation Yet…

The Biggest Transformation Yet…

Well if you’ve known me at all for the past 8 months you know I’ve been working towards my goal of becoming a NPC Bikini competitor. When I first started this journey I had no idea I would have changed so much, in so many ways. I had no idea it would help me find myself.

I started this journey to push myself because I had missed the competition world, the world I grew up in from soccer to cheerleading to dance and now to fitness. When I first started I had the motivation to become skinny. I’ve always suffered with body image issues and thought this way I’d finally be as skinny as I wanted to be.

Throughout specifically the last 6 months with my coaches (or lifesavers they should really be called) I grew more confidence. It was like every time I worked out not only was I gaining physical strengrh, it turned inside out. I walked with confidence, I talked with confidence, and I was always smiling.

My Coaches (Dave and Kerry Bess)

Do NOT get this wrong. This has been a challenging time. There were several times I cried cause I was hungry, several times I apologized to loved ones cause I snapped when I was hungry. And I do sincerely apologize to you guys (sorry mom, dad and Rico). And I was crying up until the night before my show because I was hungry! But I would not trade the experience for anything else.

When it finally became show time nothing filled me with more glee. It was like Christmas morning. We got our tans, put on the sparkly suit I had been staring at for months. Woke up at the break of dawn to get my hair done, did my makeup. And I seemingly forgot about all the hungry nights, the times I said no to dessert (which is harder than you know for me). I got pumped up backstage with my coach. Got a last good luck as he returned to the audience and I went on stage for the first time. The smile I wore wasn’t forced. It was more happiness than I can ever explain. Because I accomplished a transformation. From the inside out. I may have not lost the most physical weight on stage that day. But the weight was off my shoulders, I have been a happier Paige than I could have ever described.

All this to say I had an amazing time competing. I loved every second of it. And you can keep a look out for my next competition!

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