You Know Who You Are

You Know Who You Are

So for anyone who does not know April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. In recent years I have began to open up about the experiences I have went through.  There is so much to be said about the things that go through your mind when you survive something like this.  While physical signs will fade the mental struggle is what takes years to overcome.  Before I continue I would like to say if you have gone through any form of sexual assault realize that it is an assault, you did not provoke it.  I am always here to talk with anyone to either educate them on my personal experience or listen to what they are going through.  To commemorate the ending of April I decided to make public a letter I wrote to the woman who assaulted me.


Dear _____,

​While I may not know your name, you know who you are.  This letter is more for me than for you, because I am tired of letting you affect my life.  You have stolen enough from me, from my childhood that I will never get back.  The time in counseling talking through things a 15-year old should never think of.  I was 7 years old when you decided to take my innocence.  But today stands a 20-year old woman, forgiving you.  I forgive you for the impact you made on my life.  I forgive you for the night terrors that haunted me for years.  For the sleepless nights, the anxiety struck days.  You changed me forever.  But not negatively.  I realized if I sat and let you keep controlling my life that meant you won.  You did not win though, I moved on.  I became a strong woman who is determined to let people know they do not have to stay silent for years like I did.  To go into school systems and protect that safe space that you took from me.  For this I thank you, I thank you because I would not be who I am without what you did.



A Stronger Woman

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