My name Paige Lee Weinstein, I was born in California before moving to South Carolina.  Making the shift across country was very different for me!  Growing up I was very active playing sports.  I played soccer for several years before transitioning to cheerleading as well as Competitive cheerleading.  I have a State Championship in Competitive Cheerleading. 

I was very fortunate to attend a private school that embraced the arts and exposed me to my passion for dance.  Being able to dance through high school was a huge advantage for me to help me deal with emotions.  High school can be rough but creating an outlet is what got me through.


After high school I made the decision to continue my education at Grand Canyon University as a Dance Education major.  When I get older I want to help people find their passion and show them mine.  You never know who you will help or inspire.  Check out my blog for more of my thoughts!